Caravan and Motorhome Solar Panels

The caravan solar panels we supply and install provide our caravanners with the ultimate freedom to settle on any site, even without a hook-up. Imagine not having to rely on an electric hook-up point or not having the expense of an electrical connection. Solar panels Harvest electricity  which can be stored in a leisure battery and released when an appliance is switched on.

Environmentally Friendly Solar Technology
Solar technology has progressed massively in recent years. The result is they are now cheaper, greener, and more efficient than ever. Solar power energy consumption is carbon-neutral and environmentally friendly. In short, solar power reduces the use of fossil fuels and our overall impact on the environment.
Get the most of the sun with our range of Solar Panels for Motorhomes, Caravans and Campervans
We have a large selection of varies output wattage panels. Keep your batteries topped up with the free power of the sun.