Located in our caravan storage yard facility. Our caravan sales Business was founded in 2020 and consists of Quality selected used caravans which all pass through rigorous testing in our onsite Approved workshop. We sell two ranges of used caravans:

Starter Range

Our starter caravan range are quality selected caravans typically priced below €6000 and Do not come with a customer Warranty nevertheless are serviced at our workshop and quality checked for all working parts and appliances and Damp free all while coming with full CRIS paperwork. Our Starter caravans are ideal for the customer wishing to step into the fun world of carvanning for the first time without having the worry about that dreaded first time caravan purchase where customer caravan knowledge is at its earliest stage.

Approved Range

Our Approved Caravan range are high quality selected caravans which come with Dealership Approved warranty between 6-12 months, also full set of AWS service sheets and CRIS paperwork.

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