Towing Service

We provide an Additional caravan towing service to and from Our Storage facility to any campsite in county Wicklow Exclusive only to our storage yard customers.

In order to protect you and your property Our two Jeep Towing fleet is fully insured for towing caravans to and from our storage facility.
With 19 years towing experience, you can rest assured that we will take great care and treat your caravan as if it were our own.

Let us take the hassle and stress out of your caravan transport requirements. We pride ourselves on delivering a prompt and reliable towing service, by towing to or from your required Campsite, in an efficient and cost-effective way. As a result, no need to change your car!

Wash Bay

We provide a pre booking washing service for your caravan or Motorhome in our large wash bay which was once used as a silage pit.

With years of experience washing caravans and Motorhomes we use a pressure washer with the bar pressure adjusted low taking care around window rubber seals and service hatches on the vehicle, We also used a purpose premium Quality cleaning solution especially designed for leisure vehicle paintwork and acrylic windows while taking care of algae and those dreaded black streaks,

Caravan & Motorhome Professional Valeting

Whether you’re planning to get away, or you’ve just returned, we’ll have your home-from-home looking and feeling like new in no time with our Professional on site valeting service.

A Professional Valeting company associated with our Storage facility visits the yard one day per week to carry out pre booked internal and external caravan and motorhome valets.

Compressed Air Point

We have a dedicated Compressed air point at the drop off/collection area in the storage yard for checking caravan and motorhome tyre pressures (Free of charge).

Please call, text or email us to inquire about pricing or to pre-book any of the above services.

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